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Item # 4426, Phasing Ranger 1 GPS Phasing Tools

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The Phasing Ranger 1 is a revolutionary Phase Identification device. No other phase identification device is easier to use when it comes to determining actual phase relationship in the field. All readings are Real Time readings, there are no calculations to be made or data to be transferred from one location to another.
This Smart Grid Technology requires a One Time set-up procedure and then allows the user a permanent and reliable means of phasing, phase ID, mapping and tagging or general troubleshooting.
  • Absolute Phase Identification
  • Mapping & Tagging
  • Transmission Phasing
  • Distribution Phasing
  • Secondary Phasing
  • Mobile Substation Phasing
  • Phase Sequence CW/CCW
  • URD and Overhead
  • Capacitive Test Point Phasing
  • All General Phasing
  • Flags Delta/Wye, Wye/Delta Transformations
  • Simultaneous use of multiple Field units
  • Usable from 120 V to 765 kV


Usable from

120 V to 765 kV