• Salisbury by Honeywell's NEW revolutionary AS1200HAT is a Weight Balancing Arc Flash Protection Face Shield, that stows in a balanced, compact position, centered over the top of the hard hat when not needed.

    The AS1200HAT has an ATPV rating of 12 cal/cm2 and utilizes nanotechnology to provide a clearer, more transparent window for improved visibility. The shield/window is designed to be easily replaced without tools. The faceshield unit includes ventilation ribs that allow a natural convection air flow through the top of the face shield. This reduces fogging of the visor, lowers CO2 levels and improves comfort for the user.

    Optional Accessories
    Optional accessories for the AS1200HAT include an anti-fog inner lens, attachable task lights, and transparent chin guard. The anti-fog inner lens includes an air spaced design that decreases fogging. The shield meets the ASTM requirements for an Anti-Fog Lens. On both sides of the faceshield is an easily adjustable flashlight clip which holds optional attachable 35 lumen task lights. With these optional task lights, the user is not inconvenienced with holding a flashlight while working. The AS12CLR Transparent Chin Guard dramatically increases the user's peripheral view by increasing visibility on the sides of the faceshield unit.

    12 cal/cm2, Arc Flash Protection Faceshield Unit w/ Hard Hat
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