• PRO-AIR® Lightweight - Compact - Integrated - Arc Flash Hood Cooling System
    Arc Flash Protection Hood & Cooling System in One Easy to Wear Unit.

    Tired of bulky and awkward cooling systems?

    Salisbury's NEW PRO-AIR, Air Flow Hood System is integrated with Salisbury's PROHOOD® Arc Flash Protection Hood.

    Now, all Salisbury PRO-HOOD Arc Flash Protection Hoods are available with an optional integrated cooling system. This newest addition to the PRO-AIR line of products provides additional air flow and cools the worker. This unit is excellent in warm conditions or confined spaces. The easy to wear system is lightweight, compact, and easy to use. The system is designed to provide the worker with approximately 80 cfm of air flow throughout the breathing zone. The unit is powered by 8 AA batteries and is designed to maintain a useful continuous life of up to 35 hrs at 80 cfm. The unit is non-filtered and is not considered a respirator.

    This Arc Flash Hood Cooling System measures 7" wide and 14" long. The base of the unit is made of treated Heavy Bark Leather (black) with hook & pile trim around the edges. The fan measures 4.5" x 4.5". The reinforcing "dome" for the air intake fan is covered in Indura Ultra Soft®. The battery pack is housed in a 5" x 7" pocket made from Indura Ultra Soft.