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Light Weight Conductor Covers

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Lightweight Conductor Covers are ideal to cover long spans when weight is a consideration. They can be applied when wearing rubber gloves or with a fiberglass stick. Available with an eye for application with shotgun sticks. These covers have a voltage rating of 26.4 kV (guarded Ø to guarded Ø). The inside diameter is 2". This product can connect with Salisbury 1.5" I.D. Class 3 or 4 flexible cover-up equipment.

The 21826 Lightweight Conductor Cover is a six (6', 1.8m) foot, cover rated Class 4 (36.6 kV - guarded Ø to guarded Ø). It is applied using rubber gloves when following appropriate company work rules. The inside diameter is 3" making it useful on a wide range of conductor sizes.

The unique "connector-stop" molded into one end prevents covers from overlapping during installation. This eliminates wasted time when trucks have to be moved to re-connect sections that did not couple correctly. This cover is also compatible with Salisbury 1.5" I.D. class 3 or 4 flexible rubber line hose.

All of our lightweight covers are made from safety orange Type I high density cross link polyethylene.

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21172 Cover, Line, 27 kilovolt (kV) Plastic, with Grip All Adapter, 5.0 Feet (ft), Voltage Class 3 SALISBURY 1 27 kV $206.60
21173 Cover, Line, 27 kilovolt (kV) Plastic, Rubber Glove Installed, 5.0 Feet (ft) SALISBURY 1 27 kV $161.15
21234 Eye Assembly for 21172 Line Cover, Voltage Class 3 SALISBURY 1 N/A $103.45
21315 5 Feet (ft) Cover w/ 4 Feet (ft) Fiberglass Stick, Voltage Class 3 SALISBURY 1 27 kV $279.25
21826 6 Feet (ft) Cover, Voltage Class 4 SALISBURY 1 35 kV $160.70
  Results 1 - 5 of 5 1