• Bushing Covers & Guards

      Standard Salisbury Bushing Covers and Salisbury Tri-Port Bushing Covers are made from Ozone and UV resistant silicone rubber, maximizing the outdoor durability and tracking resistance. These covers have been accepted by Rural Utilities Service (RUS).

      Bushing Covers protect against wildlife contacts between energized equipment and ground by insulating exposed energized bushing parts.

      Standard and Tri-Port Bushing Covers interlock with the top weathershed of the bushing and are securely fastened by inserting lock buttons (provided). The 21116TC, Standard Bushing Cover, includes the 21644 Tube Closure. The 21644 Tube Closure provides an easier and quicker way to securely close the standard bushing cover.

      Bushing Covers can be installed without disconnecting equipment using rubber insulating gloves. Covering a small area of the lead wire, the opening can be trimmed to accommodate larger wires or 5/8” and 3/4” Salisbury Stinger Covers.

    • Stinger Covers

      Stinger Covers protect against phase to phase and phase to ground wildlife contacts. These covers have been accepted by Rural Utilities Service (RUS).

      The stinger cover can be installed without disconnecting the lead wire from the bushing. Available in three diameters, it is easily cut in the field to the needed length.

      Stinger covers are track resistant and made from Ozone and UV resistant SALCOR® elastomer in a gray color. The covers are proven to provide years of reliable service either independently or when used with bushing covers.

    • Instant Insulation

      Instant Insulation may be installed as permanent cover to protect against outages caused by weather, trees and animals. Instant Insulation resists ozone and ultraviolet deterioration while remaining flexible even at subzero conditions. Instant Insulation is made of orange or gray SALCOR® elastomer.

      Instant Insulation is sold in three diameters, each 12 feet in length. Each include six nylon UV resistant bar-lock cable ties to secure it to the conductor.

      Instant Insulation can be installed using the 2494 Applicator. To install, insert one end of the Instant Insulation into the applicator prongs, then roll and coil the insulation as shown. Secure the coil end with tape, cable ties, or rubber bands. To install, release the secured end and the Instant Insulation will unroll and enclose the conductor.

    • Plastic Covers

      Switch Covers are designed to fit over the connection and exposed upper metal bracket on the cutouts, without interfering with the normal operation of the unit. These covers are manufactured from UV, ozone and fire-resistant material. All Salisbury Cut out Switch Covers have a material dielectric strength that exceeds 72kV.

      Salisbury’s Surge Arrester Caps are designed to snap over the first "shed" or "skirt" of the arrester, as well as fit down snugly over the wire.

      The Wood Pole Cap is designed for installation on an overhead conductor wood pole. It used to discourage birds from perching on the pole tops and eliminating the simultaneous contact of the energized overhead conductor and the grounded hardware on the ridge pin support. The base diameter is 8.0".

      The Triangle Anti-Perch is designed to discourage raptors from perching on crossarms, risking electrocution by phase to phase or phase to ground contact. The unique "third leg" is designed to discourage smaller raptors, such as hawks, from attempting to perch inside the Triangle.