• Bags, Roll Ups, Tool Buckets

      Salisbury Tool Buckets are constructed of extra heavy - duty canvas duck and reinforced with a one-piece formed leather bottom with a 3” (76 mm) cuff for rugged service and long life. The standard tool buckets, 30 and 40, are both collapsible for easy storage and feature a poly braid rope handle. The oval tool bucket, 50, designed to attach to aerial baskets, features 6 inner tool pockets and two plastic hanging hooks.

      Salisbury Tool Bags are useful for carrying and storing all sorts of equipment and tools. Constructed for long life and rugged service from one piece of #8 white canvas fastened to a steel frame. The synthetic leather bottom is cemented and double stitched to the bag and protected with steel studs and a reinforcing 3.5” (89 mm) cuff. Handles and straps are made of top grain harness leather.

      Line Hose and Blanket Bags are convenient for raising and lowering bulky items up and down a pole, as well as for storage. Constructed of #6 duck, sewn with nylon thread, and reinforced with a weatherproof leather with a 3” (76 mm) cuff for added strength. Features a cycolac top ring to hold the bag open and a strong 1/2” (12.7 mm) poly braid rope handle, reinforced with leather. 7” (178 mm) diameter bags are used for conventional style line hose, while the 12” (305 mm) diameter bags were designed for Class 4 extended lip line hose.

    • Paint Pots

      Compound Pots are made of hard rubber that is nonconductive and breakage resistant. The applicator brush and compound are held in one unit that can be hung from aerial devices or fit into cross arm holes. Offered in single and double compartment styles.

    • pin boot image
    • Climber Guards

      Climber Guards are manufactured by the dipping process using the same formulation of rubber as our lineman’s insulating gloves and sleeves. Climber Guards are furnished un-slit to accommodate any length, regular or adjustable climbers. Sold in pairs only.

    • Bandages

      Cable Bandages provide temporary insulation for bare conductors and splices. A single thickness of the orange Salcor® Bandage can withstand 15kV on puncture test. The black neoprene bandage is intended to provide fast and complete temporary cover for cable splicers.

    • Hooks



      Belt Hook/Break-Away is nonconductive yellow nylon hand-line belt hook that will bend or break if suddenly pulled.

    • Insulating Saddle

      Insulating Saddles are ideal for temporary or emergency line work such as stringing light conductors over short spans. The large 3” (76 mm) upper saddle opening will hold bare or insulated conductors in either an upright or inverted position. The IS10 has a voltage rating of 15kV. When necessary to leave energized conductors or jumpers in the saddle for extended periods, it is recommended that they be encased in orange SALCOR® RIBGRIP® line hose. Molded of hard rubber and furnished with two nylon holding pins supplied with steel loops for easy hot-stick application. A 12" (305 mm) orange plastic shoe is affixed to the crossarm opening to help prevent flashover during inclement weather. Designed to fit crossarms with dimensions up to 3.75" x 5" (95 mm x 127 mm).

    • danger flag clamp image

      All safety clamps and flag clamps packaged one dozen per box.