• Yellow, Class 0, Type II  Electroliner Insulating Sheeting, 3' x 25' Roll

    Burlington Safety's Electroliner insulating sheeting is to be used as a covering (barrier) for the protection of workers from accidental contact with live electrical conductors, apparatus or circuits.  It can be custom-cut to fit each application at the job site.  This sheeting complies will all requirements of ASTM F2320 and is rated as Class 0, Type II.  The elastomer is flame, oil and ozone resistant and is reinforced.

    * Flame Resistant
    * Oil Resistant
    * Ozone Resistant
    * 100% Proof Tested
    * High Visibility Yellow
    * Convenient 25' Roll
    * Reusable
    * No Re-Test Required

    * Low Voltage Applications
    * Switching Facilities & Battery Rooms
    * Controls / Motors
    * Third Rail Cover
    * Temporary Service Protection
    * Battery PAck Isolation