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In addition to other uses in the utility industry, Blanket Clamp Pins can be effectively used to hold insulating blankets and rubber cover-up in place. Springs are used for tension while extra holes in the body of the pin are used to grip conductors and prevent line hose from sliding.

The New patent pending 22643 Blanket Pin Extension allows for the worker to easily install or remove the blanket pin at a remote distance with the use of a shotgun stick.

The Salisbury 21 blanket pin is more functional than ever. The new 21 pin has been improved to make it the most versatile pin on the market. Although the 21 pin always opened to accommodate just about any width needed, it has now been redesigned to open to a full 5 1/2". That's the widest of any standard plastic pin in the industry. To accommodate application using a hot stick, the ends of the pin have been tapered to fit into the end of any brand clampstick. This allows the same 21 pin to be installed in line with the stick. For applications where a 90 degree angle of application and removal is necessary, the time proven HS21 pin fills the bill. Look for the new 21 pin to be supplied with your next pin order.

Blanket pins are made of fiberglass reinforced nylon or sliver-free hardwoods. Most pins have molded rubber tips to increase slip resistance.

Blanket Buttons are designed to secure eyelet-style insulating blankets. The B1 button, made of yellow plastic, snaps through the eyelet with thumb pressure on the large head. The bright orange polystyrene B23 two-way buttons are inserted into the eyelets for use with a shotgun clamp stick or standard-duty switch stick.

Magnetic Blanket Buttons are designed for use in eyelets of insulating blankets when covering energized portions in hardto- cover areas like pad mounts, cubicles, switchboards and substations. Four permanent floating magnets are mounted between nickel-plated steel plates. May be applied manually, wearing rubber gloves, or with a shot-gun stick.

Ty-Straps are 14" (356 mm) and 30" (762 mm) long and made of 1 1/2" (38 mm) wide strips of rubber with hook and pile fasteners affixed to each end. The worker simply wraps the Ty-Strap around the positioned blanket and presses the hook and pile ends together. Contact your local Salisbury representative for custom length Ty-Straps.

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B1 Blanket Button SALISBURY 1 $2.35
B23 Blanket Button for Hot Sticks SALISBURY 1 $11.10
HS21 Blanket Clamp Pin for Hot Sticks SALISBURY 1 $17.85
MB6 Magnetic Blanket Button SALISBURY 1 $33.60
TY30 TY Strap for Insulating Blankets SALISBURY 1 $38.35
YN20 Wood Blanket Clamp Pin SALISBURY 1 $19.05
20 Wood Blanket Clamp Pin SALISBURY 1 $12.70
21 Blanket Clamp Pin SALISBURY 1 $13.65
25 Wood Blanket Clamp Pin SALISBURY 1 $9.05
26 Wood Blanket Clamp Pin SALISBURY 1 $14.05
  Results 1 - 10 of 10 1