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ASTM Dielectric Footwear

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100 % Tested to 20 kV
Protect each individual worker with ASTM Dielectric Footwear.
100 % Tested & A safer alternative to grounding mats.

ASTM Dielectric Footwear
Salisbury's dielectric boots are waterproof and made from premium grade ozone resistant rubber. The flexible hand-layered construction includes a durable nylon lining for easy on/off. The sole has a durable construction with a nonskid bar tread outsole. The attached buckle and hardware is nonmetallic. Available in 21405 17" overboot, 21406 14" overboot, 51508 non-buckle overshoe, and 51509 2-buckle overshoe.

Improved Bob-Sole Overshoes
Salisbury's now offers improved overshoes that include a bob-sole with aggressive tread for better traction. The deep heel and improved arch are specially designed for climbing ladders comfortably. The wider opening allows for easier on/off. Available in 51511 non-buckle overshoe and 51512 2-buckle overshoe.

All of Salisbury's ASTM Dielectric Footwear conforms with ASTM F1117 and is 100 % tested to the electrical hazard requirements of ASTM F1116 at 20,000 volts.

Manufactured in U.S.A.
  • Dielectric footwear:
  • Protects ground workers from step and touch potential in the whole work zone, not just one confined work area, like a grounding mat.
  • Can help reduce the amount of electrical workers in a work area since they are not confined.
  • Allows personnel to safely mount and dismount equipment in the work zone.
  • Allows personnel to safely retrieve material from truck bins.
  • Keeps costly climbing boots clean and new.
  • A must for any underground application and storm restoration.
  • Without dielectric footwear, the ground crew has no additional protection against step potential if a catastrophic failure occurs.

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